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Saturday, May 8, 2010

bite me.

it's the night before mother's day... half my clan is gone.  chris at poker night and ethan at a sleep over.  i'm not saying it's not nice to be just-us-girls, but they are way more work than you can imagine.  the problem tonight was that i pulled out the size 4 girl clothes for sophie.  so essentially tonight... she got a new wardrobe. 

for any of you that actually know my daughter, she is a bit of a girly girl.  clothes, shoes, make-up, purses.  they are the source of her happiness in life.  {i come in at a close 5th.}

pulling out these clothes took me back to all of my memories of emma at that age.  it started out as such a nice thing to talk about... until i continually got rudely interrupted a bajillion times by sophilicious asking if she could try this outfit on, or that outfit on.  or telling me i wasn't moving fast enough.

i have to include this important detail... 

they share a room.  a pretty small room.  between the tub of 4T clothes and the tub of 3T clothes, two beds, 3 human beings, a couple dressers, a tv, and our dog, it was a wee bit cramped in there.  when i get a wee bit cramped and the feeling that i'm being rushed, well.... i turn into someone else.  

and what sucked even more than acknowledging to myself that i just ruined our girls' night?  the fact that our windows were wiiiiiiiiiiide open.  you just never know who hears you... *COUGH COUGH*, vent.

i'm not saying i was cussing like a sailor, or throwing things around, but it wasn't all roses, let me tell you.  and to top it all off?  seriously, it keeps topping itself off, i know.  i'm ridiculous like that.  but to seriously top it all off?  we were in there with a mosquito... or 6.  after an hour in that room we suffered 6 bites between the 3 of us.  i never even saw them in there.  i hate those things worse than i hate my neighbor's dog that attacked my kids at christmas.  that is seriously a lot.


tomorrow is mother's day...


i've got to go rub 6 mosquito bites with alcohol pads.  i just hope that sophie doesn't decide to scratch them mid-way through the application this time.


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