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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


what a pickle.

my man makes dinner and nobody eats it.

a dinner i convinced him to purchase (you know the frozen pre-made kind that would be easy in a pinch).

off to school he went and here i was left with three kids that found stuffed shells completely repulsive.  emma's dear facial expressions made me want to vomit FOR her. 


and call me evil because my man just called to tell me he did well on his mid-term and as soon i was done commending him for his hard work... i laid into him about the dinner.  why would i do that?

$100 says each of the kids tells me they're hungry as i tuck them into bed tonight.  and the mommy guilt that that provides me is the reason i laid into him.  however selfish it was, i can see the future.  {kind of like how my sister can time travel on I-95} 

so yes, i'm completely sorry, dear hubby, for doing that and stealing your thunder.  i'll do better next time at disguising my finger pointing in the midst of your wondrous news.  i love you so much i'll consider taking the time to do so in the future.   but in the meantime... i'm sorry.  eeeek!  imaschmuck. 

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