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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

sometimes it's right under your nose

we had overly warm weather over the christmas holiday. completely 100% unseasonably warm weather. we had several no-coat days.

did you know that sometimes if you stop and just focus on the here and now that you might be rewarded with a vision of what true beauty really is?

recently on a no-coat day my girls were out in the front ditch. the wet and leafy front ditch. the wet and leafy front ditch that would make them dirty.

does it look like they care if they got dirty?

did you know dirt was harmless? did you know it could also provide for

these pictures of my girls make me happy. living in that moment and being able to think back so fondly of this exact moment makes me happy.

i am lucky.
i lived in this moment.
i felt this moment.
and then i did laundry.

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