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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

lemonade malfunctions

i'm back to not being able to make lemonade. anyone remember what that was like for me? it's a tough situation. one that i'm not sure i am equipped with the power to figure out. not this time, anyway. sometimes lemons aren't for lemonade, so much as they are for throwing at people you are angry at. ok, so i've never thrown a lemon at anyone, but i'm just saying...that's what i want to do with them today. what happened to Christmas spirit? lemons. that's what.

but beyond my issues with lemons right now, so much is happening around these parts. my sister arrives from LA on Thursday with her beautiful family that i miss entirely too much. my brother and his wife fly in on Friday. my aunt, uncle, and favorite cousins come in on Saturday. we have a sister-in-law coming in with her son on monday...our niece skates in an ice show on Saturday {which we unfortunately will have to miss}... and then there is Christmas. and wrapping presents. and unwrapping presents. and dinners. lots and lots of family dinners. it is by FAR my favorite time of year. even if i'm surrounded by lemons twenty-four hours a day.

i can't tell you the value of a good spousal relationship. i can tell you that they don't last forever on their own. they truly are work. and if you think you can take it all for granted for one stinking minute, don't. because it can be gone in the blink of an eye. so to end my rant on lemons today, i want to say this. i love my husband. and i love that we both realize we are lucky. not just to have each other, but to truly appreciate each other for what we bring to the table and maintain everyday.

and on another ending's my two year old recently. she loves to be funny, no matter what it takes. even if it means she loses a little blood circulation throughout her head to get that laugh.




we like to call her... Sophilicious.

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