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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

its the little things

so yes, first thing's first. i'm evidently on some sort of a blogging kick today. that's what happens when you let several days slip by between entries. sue me.

on sunday i was at home making cupcakes for emma's big party at pre-school when i came across a recipe for an awesome sounding peanut butter chocolate cake. if there is one thing i can't get enough of, it's peanut butter and chocolate ANYTHING. i put the recipe next to my computer so i would remember to get the ingredients at some point in the near future {which is where i also conveniently store any coupons and shopping lists i put together}.

fast forward to yesterday. it got dark early yesterday. i would say headlights were required by 3:45pm. for safety, at least. i left work that night just drained. absolutely drained. not only do i have to sit and work during the day, i'm so excited about the holidays {visitors, decorations, meals, trips, gifts, parties, etc} that i also sit here and think about everything that i still need to get done prior to the week before christmas {when aforementioned guests arrive}. so i was mentally drained. kaputz.

i got home and was so excited to see dinner was 2 minutes from being done, the kids were all happy to see me, and something interesting sat on my kitchen counter. it was UFO-ish. kind of big. kind of foily. it was odd shaped, to say the least. so i asked chris, "what, pray tell, lay under that foil?"

say it with me people...

peanut butter chocolate cake
that's what.

it's the little things that make the difference. it helped me decide i had the energy to get this accomplished last night....

*sigh* i love the holidays.

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