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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

a bit behind schedule

So usually my Christmas tree is up the weekend after Thanksgiving. And usually my Christmas cards go out the Monday after the weekend that my Christmas tree goes up. So if I was to actually get a second to look at my schedule I would clearly see I am a bit behind schedule. That is something I don’t dig being. I don’t dig being late and I don’t dig going out of the house without something on my lips. They’re just two of my things.

Last night I caught wind of a mood. A good mood. A mood full of Christmas spirit. Can you believe that? Polar Express was on the tube and the music {that beautiful music} put me over the top.

{It’s Christmas time.}

Thanksgiving was busy for us this year. The actual big T-Day was spent at my mom’s. The next day I went Black Friday shopping, followed by immediately heading up to my in-law’s for the next two days. On Sunday I had my 1 year old niece and my 2 year old nephew all day so their parents could attend a Redskins game. And mind you, through this entire 4 day period I had 2 very sick little girls.

{It may have been “Tree” time, but I was significantly without the time to make it happen.}

So last night it happened. I got it done. I got the furniture rearranged, the tree up, the stockings hung. It was a new tree (one of the pre-lit skinnier type) and I wasn’t sure which ornaments to use. You see… we used to have an oversized (as in FAT) tree that took up half of our very tiny living space. So with that tree, I had to use TONS of ornaments.

How would I choose this year?

You know how you choose?

It’s called… racing against the hands of three excited kids. You kind of … don’t get to choose. You kind of … take what you get. It’s kind of….chosen for you.

I love my tree and I love the warmth it brings to my home. We’ve got lots of love in there but the twinkly lights seem to amplify that love. Aren’t things better twinkly? My kids seem to think so. And I’m starting to believe that too.

Kids are pretty spot-on.

{well, except for when they put rubber snakes in your bed at night, or make you smell their stinky morning breath – because I’m not sure I see the good in either of those two things.}

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