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Thursday, November 6, 2008

sick babies are sad babies and make for sad mommies. and aunties.

my beautiful neice is sick.

she has a bacterial infection in her little knee.
her tiny little knee.
bacteria is fast growing, spreading, and scary.
we will never know how this bacteria got down into her knee. right now we are waiting for an mri to help us know how deep this bacteria has gone... is it in the bone? is it in her growth plate? she's only 1 year old.

my sister-in-law is one of the best people i know.
boy do i love her. she's currently pregnant with her third pea and is on modified bedrest. well, doesn't this just throw a crick into things? can't pick up your baby?

yeah right.

can't stand for a long period of time?

double yeah right.

i just worry. i worry about all of them. dad is a GREAT dad, but also a worrysome dad. i hope he's ok.
isn't it hard to hold a wee one down while they get an iv jacked into their arm? isn't it hard to tell a hungry baby signing for food, water, and milk that they cannot have it for another 8 hours until after they get "pictures" taken? my heart breaks for all of them. as parents, it is inevitable that we go through these kinds of things with our children. but it doesn't mean it's easy. i've gone through it with each of my kids and i know it's not something i want to relive. i'll be thinking of all of them today. hopefully the balloons i sent will make her feel a little better. i just hope she's not afraid of balloons. EEK!

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