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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

exercise yer right. vote.

today is election day. yes. i voted. of course i voted. it's a monumental day in our nation's HISTORY. i voted for ... well ... that's not really relavant because this post is more about what i want to see for this nation, not who i voted for.

i want a nation that is safe. for me. for my children. i want a nation that is financially stable in a way that doesn't just get us out of THIS jam, but out of many jams-to-come. i want to live in a nation where freedom reigns in a glorious way. not just because it's in the Constitution, but because people RECOGNIZE it as something special and something we have to treat with respect. FREEDOM doesn't come cheap. FREEDOM doesn't come easy. FREEDOM takes work. hard work. from all who want it.

my fear is that i live in a nation consumed by entitlement versus ethics.
"what can the country do for me" rather than "what can i do for my country." this IS a great nation. it can only remain so if we work at it. it can all slip away at the drop of a hat. instantaneously it can be gone. i work hard so that we can have a great life. so that my little kids can join Babe Ruth baseball, Flag Football, Dance classes, Swim lessons, Tumbling classes.... i work hard so i can pay my bills. i don't WANT to depend on someone else to make that happen for me. it is my duty as a mother, as a wife, as a citizen of this country to work, provide, enrich, and stimulate my country in many ways.

my fear with this election is that we will further emphasize entitlement. that expectations of how the government will take care of us grows exponentially to the point where all we can do is fail. where riots are rampant. where we make a hole so deep we can't seem to get out of it on our own. where the strongest country in the world has to start relying on help from other countries. THAT is a scary thought. i work hard. but i don't work hard so that other people don't have to (besides my children).

i don't work hard so that people can exercise their right to NOT work hard... where are the ethics in that? oh. right. it's entitlement. i will pay my taxes and do my part, because that's what ethical people do. but in the end, it's interesting to see record breaking numbers at the polls this year and the demographics of these new voters. i do blame our schools for not properly teaching business and civics (combined) to ALL students at some point before graduating high school. it could be a class titled "Reality of American Living "... and i think it should be mandatory. we learn best through living, don't we? unfortunately, people get stars in their eyes and get blinded by those stars. or maybe the stars are all they ever knew. but that says something, doesn't it?

i'm a lil' bit scurrrrred. not just for myself or my children. for the American way.

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