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Thursday, November 13, 2008

rain rain go away....

{even though i would be apt to enjoy you if i was at home...

curled up by a fire under...

a cozy blanket with a cup of hot chocolate}

i have a desk with an awesome window. it's huge. and the view...wowzahs. pretty nice. but on days like today, it's just downright sad. i'd love to be home curled up with my beau. i hear he just bought some pork... i can't wait to see what dinner time will bring tonight! {i'm pretty sure i'm driven in life by food.}

i live to eat. i LOVE food. i am kiiiiiiiiiind of a picky eater, but when i find what i like, i tend not to stray from it or get bored by it two nights in a row. i'm the type of person that buys the same exact brand and variety of spaghetti sauce and will never change. my hubbie, on the other hand, loves to try new things. *EEK* that stresses me out. same thing with BBQ sauce {we go through that faster than ketchup}... what's wrong with using something you've tried and really like...FOREVER???

but that's ok. because marriage is about compromise. so we do that.

as i sit here looking out of my window, i wonder what my kids are doing at school, pre-school, and daycare. i wonder if they're tired, taking a rest, or taking a nap. lord only knows that this weather brings those feelings on. i'm sitting here trying to fight it. i hear the view out our back window is quite the doozy...those leaves I blogged about here are all falling down today. good googly moogly. but i also hear it's a beautiful sight. hopefully as beautiful as my pork-filled dinner.

who am i kiddin'?

i KNOW i'm driven by chow.
and i'm ok with that.

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