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Saturday, November 8, 2008

ahhhhhh. fall. SWEET fall.

today i relaxed. and then i did the opposite of relax. i crafted with the chillens. it all started with this swanky "me" board i have to send into preschool with emma {see, it's her birthday in 18 short days}...
isn't it nifty?

then, the kids started getting ants in their pants. outdoors. so, off we went, on a hunt for beautiful leaves. see, our backyard may be a mere 1500 square feet, but it houses a heckuva lot of leaves.
these are the leaves that still have to fall.

times 10.

there are 10 other fully grown LEAFY trees in our backyard... or let me rephrase that... there are 10 other fully grown LEAFY tress that are NEAR our backyard and thereby drop their autumny goodness inside our parameter of responsibility.

emma found a nice one that looks like a kitty cat.

sophie found a nice "lellow an' o'ge" one...
ethan found one he thought was perfect. "that's not mold! it's polka dots!"

initially i thought we'd collect a bowl full of these suckers and make wreathes for our windows. but you know what? i was feeling a little more ambitious than just a wreath project. we're going full-on turkey goodness, folks! clear the way... here comes a 3 hour craft project that only one of my kids had the patience to complete.

but we like 'em A-OK. fun times in the hamako house.


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