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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

awesomeness. in a dorky way.

so i love to blog hop.  constantly.

i have found so many new blogs lately, it ain't even funny.  but guess what?  they found me back.

well, at least one very awesome blog did... W I T H  T W O  C A T S totally did a mini-feature of my sweet lil' blog.  ok, so it was more of a featured-my-feature-of-someone-else's-feature, but i felt so honored!

i ain't gonna lie.

check it out here.  oh, you don't see me straight off the bat?  if you are a loyal follower, i think you can figure out where i am. 

it's the little things, right?

p.s.  such a great idea to feature great ideas from followers!  blogging is where it's at!

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