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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

so much. just so SO very much going on lately.
i beg your forgiveness.

we're off to football championships!!!!!

my baby bro and his wife came for a visit.
mini golf.
family dinners out the wazoo.
the hubs' aunts were in town.
my good friend had her baby.
you get the jist of things.

here we are bowling.  my boy loves his fedora.  {and i'll go ahead and say it loves him back.  he looks adorable!} 
ethan rocking his fedora.
it was full of magic "bowling" power.

my lil bro.
the pilot.

oh my man, my MAN!
speaking of adorable!

sophers chowing down.
the girl can eat like it's her j-o-b.

my sweet emma.

dre having fun.

aidan having fun just like his mama above.
proof that he gets it from her.

nice dinner out a Bistro Bethem.
if you're ever in town, i highly recommend you stop in.
their chocolate pote de creme is awesome.

my camera totally focused on the wine and NOT their lovely faces.
it was out of control!

i bought some facepaint and hooked my babes up one afternoon.
in return, i let them each paint one of my cheeks.

this is what ethan painted....

i said, "what the heck?"
and his response was this...

"i wanted to paint something that you like."

great.  what a rep.

if you've never been to a military service game, i strongly encourage you do so.
it's just such a great feeling.
especially when you are graced by a fly over like this...

i can't make this jank up.
this was the backdrop to our game.
freaking amazing.
what a gift.

i am tired just thinking about that week.
and just keep in mind...
this didn't include Halloween day.
more on that to come at a later time.

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