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Monday, November 8, 2010

it's all over...

football has finished.
is it odd that i slipped into a small depression over that?
it was so much more enjoyable than last year and i made some pretty rad friends.

oh, and of course ethan enjoyed himself 10-fold this season.

with the end of the season hitting, we have been quite busy around these parts.

especially when you count all the hours in the day i have been eagerly awaiting my pics from the fabulous Blue Lily team... well... there just doesn't seem like there are that many hours in the day.

wendy gave us a sneak peak at our shoot over here...

totally loved it.

and then today i got the email i had been waiting for.  

"I just got notified that this went through- I'm in the car but I'll write more details later about the files! Happy downloading!


ps sorry we keep spelling your first name wrong- what is UP with that??? boo."

i was blown away.
exactly what i had wanted.
exactly what i envisioned.
exactly what i felt that day.

my smile is from ear to ear.

i love my little 'makos so much.
and when i look at these pictures...
my heart melts to bits and pieces.
{like reese's pieces, but better}.



thank you, wendy & tyler.
we love you guys.
and i am obligated to ask you one more time
{on behalf of ethan...}
"next time you're in town can we take you to dinner?"

wendy & tyler ... you're one in a million.
best photo shoot ever.

now if i would just buck up and pay for a full blog layout these pictures could be a little bigger.  in the meantime, click on each one for an upsized shot!

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