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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


oh i wish i did.
i wish i could doze off into dreamland and let out a grand ole' snore.

but i can't.
i can't drift into REM and i can't feel completely rested during any given day.

our old-new dog, buddy, just ain't allowing it.
all night, every night.
whine, whine, whine.

it ain't pretty and it AIN'T cute.
it is

i actually had a guy call me at work today only to backtrack in the conversation and apologize if he woke me up.  WOKE ME UP.  how do i sound that pathetic?  and why on earth would he even ask that if i did sound like he woke me up.

i was at WORK for G's sake.

two weeks.  two weeks of broken, miserable, lack-o-sleep.

do i sound like i'm whining?

well it isn't half as bad as when buddy does it.

 don't let this face fool you, people.
i made that mistake.

and now i have bags under my eyes.
i am neither cute, nor funny these days.
i am one angry old bag.
i've lost my sass and replaced it with pure anger.
it's so horrible.

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