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Monday, September 13, 2010


it's all about living, right?
it doesn't have to be all about cancer.
it can be about seizing moments.
making memories.

i would have sworn this was his off week from chemo.
but it wasn't.
he went golfing.
and wasn't even winded.

something got into my father-in-law.
on a whim, he hopped on to my nephew's new bike to take it for a spin.
all the grandkids were worried...

"Grandpa don't go down the hill"
"Grandpa don't go so fast"
"Grandpa they have hand brakes - DO YOU KNOW HOW TO USE HAND BRAKES?!"

they chased after him making sure he would be ok.
he was telling them to bug off!
it was awesome.

it doesn't always have to be all about cancer.  we need to learn to take these awesome moments and live in them.  and herbie-t-mako taught me just that.

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  1. awwwww YAAAAAAAAAAY! So touching and I'm so happy Herb is feeling Herb-like again.