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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


today as i left work i saw a man struggling to get through the rain in his wheelchair.

i took a quick second to think about it and concluded it was ok for me to ask if he wanted help out the rain.

all i got in return was a grumble and a nasty look.

i felt somewhat mortified.  i knew i was taking a chance when asking,  but i truly had no idea he would resent me like that...   in front of my face.

i felt a bit ashamed. {is that too dramatic?}

why on earth would i acknowledge he might actually need assistance?

why on earth would i assume he would want to get out of the rain faster?

these quandaries in life make me wonder if i truly get society.  or the rules in dealing with people.

i honestly felt bad for him, not because he was handicapped, but because he was scooting his feet against the ground to make the chair move, only, not so well when navigating up the sidewalk ramp.  and it was raining.

am i a horrible person or am i just horribly dramatic?  in this instance only...  because, honestly, feel a bit of both, when then makes me feel doubly dramatic. 

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