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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

oh august, how you slay me.

first off...

if you are local to fredericksburg and have a birthday in august and have great taste in fashion/accessories/shoes, head on over to Monkee's for $25 towards your purchase.  seriously rad.  you don't even have to print the coupon, just mention it.


it's august.  i mean,  holy crap...
it's for real, august.
school starts in twenty days.
but don't tell my kids.
they will totally freak out on you.

but seriously, AUGUST?
why so soon, man?
why did you rush june and july along?
i feel like yesterday was the last day of school.

but yes.  you are right. then i think back to all of the high-fives i exchanged with chris in the parking lot at work these last two months... and boy.
it feels like it has been the longest summer of my life.
such a walking hypocrisy, i know.
no need to tell me twice.

i just don't think i'm ready for fall chaos.  football three nights a week, swim lessons one night a week, another odd set of work-hours to accommodate my man's class schedule, kiddie homework (ugh, the worst), dinners on the fly...

oh man.  i'm sweating just thinking about it.  ugh.  but at least the further we go, the less humid it should be.

this summer has been a doozy.

and just because i can,
here are pics of me and soso.

i know i look uber asian in this one {mostly because i am}, but man does this girl's smile make me happy.

she's a nut like her mother.
the sass?
totally not her mother.

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