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Saturday, June 12, 2010


first off, my last post only contained pictures b/c the dang blog wouldn't let me add extra spaces for words.  usually i'd scrap it and start over, but i'm low on time. {busy weekend ahead of us!}

to keep it short, we started swim lessons and it is MUCH better than last year.

last year we had a newly-turned-three-year-old that told the swim coach "NO" each time she had to do something.  so we switched her to the daddy-and-me class, only she also told Chris "NO".

it was mortifying.

what a difference a year makes!  she's the first to volunteer and never wants to leave.  

much. mo. better.


this was our last week of school before summer break.  one was looking forward to leaving, the other had heartburn over not seeing his teacher for the rest of the summer.  and it surprised me that it wasn't the other way around.  emma was done.  she was completely over going to school.  ethan cried most every day last week.  *oye*

so the night before the last day of school my 6 year old woke me with a tummy ache followed by a couple nice rounds of vomiting all over my bathroom.  it was glorious.  i wasn't at all perturbed that her father "slept" through it all.  i mean, he was up late watching the Lakers game that night, and who could blame him for being so exhausted?  poor tired basketball-watching-stay-at-home-dad.  i, on the other hand, only had to wake up at 5am to get to work early so that i could make up all the hours i had to come home and relieve him this week due to a mismanaged schedule on his part.  i TOTALLY should've been the one to clean up puke all night.  DUH!

passive aggressiveness aside, she didn't go in for her last day of school.  instead, she moped about the house because we weren't letting her play with her sister, even though her tummy still hurt.

but at least she made it to her picnic on wednesday...

 so here we go.  crazy summer.
crazy schedule.
can't wait for school to start back up in august!

{p.s. i had to include this shot of my man to remind me that even though i am totally passive aggressive, i also totally dig him.}

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