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Monday, May 3, 2010

birthday: part1.

I can’t even begin to describe what it feels like to have your baby turn four. If I start to describe it, I turn weepy. Weepiness is frowned upon by my coworkers. They are, for the most part, stinky boys.

I read tons of blogs, one of which belongs to my photog of choice, Blue Lily. Their baby also turned four recently and Tyler blogged about it HERE. I laughed so hard that I decided to give his methodology a whirl. It sounded fun and… interesting (minus the “killing” part).

Me: “Sophie, tonight we will say goodbye to 3-year old Sophie because tomorrow is your birthday – we will say hello to 4-year old Sophie tomorrow morning.”

Sophie: “Ok.”

Me: “We will never EVER see 3-year old Sophie again. This is the last time EVER.”

Sophie: “Ok.”

Me: “Don’t be upset because 4-year old Sophie is going to be wonderful – she is such a big helper and she is very kind to others. Four-year old Sophie will also go to pre-school.  She is such an awesome being.”

Sophie: “Ok.”

Me: “Ok, so say goodbye everyone --- we will never see 3-year old Soso again. Don’t be sad, though.”

Everyone: “Goodbye 3-year old Sophie – we will miss your face!!!”

Sophie: *SOBS*

Me: *worst mother ever*

I felt I needed a reaction. I am selfish like that. I needed the recognition from her that she knew what a big deal this was in my soul. Because, you know, this wasn’t just the day she was born, it was the day I went and birthed her. That’s a big effing deal in my soul, in case you were wondering.

I tried so hard to win back her smile. It was tough, but through her sobs I was able to make out that she wanted doughnuts for breakfast, and specifically, a nice, fat, chocolate doughnut (that’s my girl!)…

0630 the next morning, I was out the door. Five minutes later I was at Krispy Kreme ordering that chocolate doughnut. 0645 I was back home brewing coffee anxiously awaiting my newly 4-year old’s groggy face and morning breath. Wouldn't you know this to be the day my now 4-year old chose to sleep in.  0835, Chris goes into that little bugger’s room and has to wake her up.  0836, my 4-year old was stuffing her face with doughnuts.

(Cue redemption!)

After the doughnuts the day was spent running errands and preparing for So's big party the next day.

And what a whirlwind that turned out to be...

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