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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

vision. equals. nada.

blog fog.  

that's what i'm living through.   i'm focusing so hard that i've lost my vision.  it's so defeating!

i'm sure this in great deal to the chaos that exists in my life right now.  poor emma has a massively painful ear infection that landed us in a doc-in-a-box last night.  ethan had football tonight.  we have sophie's party we're still trying to pull together.  and to top it all off, i'm working all sorts of strange flextime hours for the next few weeks.  my mind is wacked OUT.  oh, and to top THAT off... chris is out of pocket every night this week with loads of school work to get done.  

this jank is CRAZY!


so it's the little things in life that ultimately make us happy... a phone call, a note in a lunchbox, a child's great day at school.  or the occasional potty humor to make your kids belly laugh like they did when they were infants and all you did was make a wacky sound.  i may or may not have done that tonight.  i ran out of funny things to say {and i hate to brag, but i was sort of on a roll with my chillens.} -- so i whipped out one last funny "Poopy Pants" and got the laughs of a lifetime.  

and it was so worth it. 

today i gave myself permission to use potty humor.
{and it was awesome}

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