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Monday, March 1, 2010

stop being obnoxious

she looks so sweet, doesn't she?
she's a tricky one.

this little bugger is not only sassy... she is hilarious.

often times, that hilarity comes with extreme sass.

she makes me laugh a lot.
but usually i have to turn away from her in order to do so.

i'd hate to encourage her.

all too often i have to tell her to ...


"a'noxious" has become her new word of choice...

"Ethan shut your face, you're so a'noxious..."

"Emma stop trying to be my mom, you're so a'noxious..."

"This door won't open today because it's so a'noxious..."

she uses it about 50 times a day.  no lie.

"Ethan you're morn [sic] a'noxious then Emma tonight."

It's obnoxious.







and then she does her series of funny faces.
and i die.
she knows my kryptonite.

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