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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


something is happening to my baby!  
{i'm quasi-freaking out.}
she has these mysterious spots popping up on her body.
some of them are partly raised.
some are itchy.
some are big.
some are small.
some are round.
some are not round.
some are making me freak out!

these are the front of her legs.  within 35 minutes we went from spot-free fronts of her legs to what you see above.

if you look closely at her left leg, you can see a couple of large discolored spots.  these were the second sets of dots we found on her.

you can see a spot on her right arm here ... it started everything.
and now she has some spots on her cheeks.

i called my brother and he mentioned a possibility that it's erythema multiforme.  however, he is diagnosing over the phone based on me answering some questions, so in no way does this serve as an actual diagnosis.  

it was enough to calm me down enough to NOT rush to the e.r. tonight.  daddy will have to take her into the pediatrician's office in the morning.  as she lies here in my bed tonight, i can almost watch these spots grow.  here are some additional pics that i took...

there's a spot right under her left jawline.

this is where it all started.
if you enlarge the picture you can see where it's
not a normal spot - more like a large "C".


here are pictures of my poor sweetie's elbows.  both are red and also appear to have slight bruising.  WTH?

hopefully we'll get some resolution tomorrow.  

the question now is, to have her sleep in bed with us.... or not.  because the girl likes to dropkick me in the face everytime she's in here.  but at least i can make sure she's breathing.

sidenote:  it's funny.  you have your third kid and you think you've seen it all.  been there, done that.  yadda yadda yadda.  this was the first time in a looooooooooooooong time i called someone for a 2nd motherly opinion of what to do -- i felt like a new mother!  just... unfortunately... it did not entail me holding a newborn baby boy.  dag!

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