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Thursday, February 25, 2010


double posting tonight... i know.  i'm awesome.

you know, being a mom is great, but when you live in a small house it just kinda isn't great.  i mean, not all the time.  i had this reemphasized to me tonight.  thank you Jesus, for your generosity.

i've had my tax paperwork put together for a month now.  a freaking month.  i had a couple of questions on some things and decided i would call the tax place before bringing in all the paperwork, only to find out i need extra items, which is one of the most annoying things that can happen during tax time.  so, i called them to find out.

i didn't just call.

i called from my bathroom.

because it is only there, in that 3'x6' space, that i can attempt to speak in peace and quiet.  did you catch that?  because i clearly used the word ATTEMPT.

my children found me.  like blood to a shark and moths to a flame, they found me.  and not only did they find me, they were excited to find me.  so much that they had to scream "WE FOUND YOUUUUUUUUU!"

like i was playing hide and seek.  i mean.  i guess i was.  halfway.  but i soooooo wasn't playing the latter half.

so with the accounting person on the phone i tried to be nice to my kids... "please go in the living room and wait for me to get off the phone.  and PLEASE BE QUIET!"

oh shucks.  did i just ask that out loud?  because you know, that only leads to more noise. 

so i shut my bedroom door.  and they returned.  to tell me they were being quiet.  and then again to let one dog in.  and then the other dog.  and then to tell me they still were being quiet... and each additional time i got less and less patient and i was talking through tighter and tighter clenched teeth... each...and every....time... to the point i had no choice but to go into every last detail to the nice lady about...
how small this house is and how when we bought it i just had my first child, but now i have three and the oldest is 7 and they like to RUN, RUN, i say, through this house and i wanted to be out of this house within five years but wouldn't you know it at five years my husband lost his job and *GASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSP*... 

i'm sorry... did i just do that?  because i thought i had more control than that.  but THEY FOUND ME!  and they CONTINUED to find me and i'm so sorry for blubbering on and on and on about something that has NOTHING to do with you....and... taxes...

thank goodness that woman was so nice.  otherwise i probably would have to take my taxes elsewhere from sheer embarrassment and i really wasn't emotionally prepared to do that.  the only thing i'm emotionally prepared to do tonight is sleep.  

and i don't care if that doesn't make sense.

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