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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blue Lily... you complete me.

for about two years now i have followed the blogs of two amazing women.  they are mothers, sisters, and women of God.

their names are nienie and cjane... and they don't know this, but i'm their long lost bff.  and they are the epitome of what i want to be as a mother.  through them i have inadvertently fallen in love with their photographer of choice...

pictures like this, this, this, and this, oh, and this... oh LAWD they make me fall in love with those faces a million times over.  

so imagine my surprise when i read "BLUE LILY TRAVELS"... i'm sorry, whaaaaaaaaaaaa? 

i haven't been that giddy since...
i can't even tell ya when!

heeeeeeeeeck yes i signed up.
heeeeeeeeeeeeck yes i'm already planning outfits.
heeeeeeeeeeeeeck yes i'm looking at the calendar...


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