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Sunday, January 17, 2010

sleepy heads. not.

we allowed the kids to have a sleep over last night.  but when i say sleep over, i just mean... they were allowed to sleep in the same room.  

we were able to trick them into thinking it was super late last night when we put them to bed.  but it was only 7:15pm

evil.  i know.

but of course.... it took them a long while to stop giggling, falling off the bunkbeds, and having to get up to get drinks of water.  so good thing we started this road show early.

the man and i were finally able to watch a movie out on the big screen last night.  pretty heavenly.  but between the movie and facebook... i was up very late.

i should have planned this all better.

  1. the kids were up at 6am.
  2. the kids were up at 6am jumping off the beds.  
  3. the kids were up at 6am jumping off the beds and laughing hysterically.
  4. the kids were up at 6am jumping off the beds, laughing hysterically, and making it impossible for their parents to get much sleep.

but we couldn't be mad.  not a drop.  they were actually.....

g e t t i n g  a l o n g.

say what??

all day.  simultaneous laughter.
only mild fighting.

it feels like christmas all over again.

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