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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


that's what i got.

blog guilt.

when you have a blog, and you love it, and you really feel good when you do it... you feel bad when you don't.  not because you, my beloved audience may be disappointed in the unfortunate lack of entries, but because when i go back in time to read my updates, i'm upset that there aren't more.  and more with greater substance.  and more to make me laugh.

this was supposed to be about my peas.  wow.  how things changed.

i see that i haven't blogged about all the funny times like i thought i would.  i blogged about the less-than-funny times that i never thought i would have to.  i realized this is because venting helps me cope.  it's a wondrous mechanism in healing my soul.
so when i don't blog on a regular basis i realize that my blog isn't what it was meant to be.  it's more focused on my dramas vice my funnies.  {sigh}  i love me some funnies.

and what am i saying in a nutshell?

i will do better.  because this is my written history.  my family's written history.  i can't miss the opportunity to record it LIVE.  wasted opportunities are unfortunate losses in life.  if we can just recognize these lost opportunities for what they are, i don't think we will continue to have many of them.  i just need to slow down.  sloooooooooow dooooooooooooooown.

i can do this.

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