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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ups and downs

they never end. in some form or fashion life is always taking you up or down. if you go up, never forget that you will be brought back down at some point in your life.

365. 365 days of unbelievable living. 12 months of highs and lows. 52 weeks of drama.

one full year of seemingly unending chaotic shifts in my personal atmosphere.

one lucky life.

I can never forget the positives.

Ethan started tackle football.

Emma started kindergarten.

Sophie started gymnastics.

Many firsts this year.

Many repeats of finer things.

Family dinners. Routine bedtimes. Homework done prior to me walking in the door at night. Some things are just too priceless to forget and take for granted.


Better home life.

Chaos at work.

Happier children.

Naïve father relocating to my abode.

Lots of extracurriculars.

You weigh the negative with the positive in life.

I still think I came out on top this year.

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