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Sunday, September 20, 2009

she's crafty

i've had this thing i've wanted to do for awhile now. i've had the itch, the burning itch to get crafty. i knew exactly what i had in mind and... well... i liked it.

but, as with all "me" type things, it had to wait. i bought the canvases months ago. on sale, of course. half price, i might add.

so this weekend i had had it. i needed some therapy. i crafted with the girls for 5 hours last sunday. F.I.V.E..H.O.U.R.S. no more. no more on this fine fine fine gloriously fine saturday.

i had no idea the level of detail and effort it would really take to get my petals perfect, but i stuck with it. 4 hours later here's what i got...

i'm not sure how to finish off all three pieces, but for now, they look pretty awesome up on my boring red wall. and yes, i realize they are not equally spaced across that wall, but for now, it'll do. it's gonna have to.

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