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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


potty training a three year old is probably 10 times as hard as potty training a one year old. {it just is} --- Lord, will me the strength to survive this.

Otherwise... beer me.

not only do we battle the potty, we battle naps and ni-night. we battle these things with such ferocity that it constantly leaves poor mommy in tears. the worst of motherhood. the worst in me.

i took it all for granted with my first daughter. she was a cake walk. a nice, fluffy, cream-cheese coated cake walk. she was fully potty trained before her brother who is a full 15 months older than she is. it just happened. it was awesome. and i didn't even know it at the time.

i am lost.

i don't know how to potty train a three year old. it's like potty training a 14 year old... a reason for everything, a fit if she doesn't get her way, rationalizations out the ying yang... why oh WHY DID I WAIT?

{she's my baby}

i know why i waited subconsciously. but it all happened without me realizing it. that is hard to swallow. how did i dupe myself like this?

first the binky.

now this.

word to the wise... listen to the doctor when she says to have them off the binky before they hit 18 months. otherwise, you'll have a 3 year old 'tween on your hands singing Hannah Montana, pretending to have a boyfriend, and talking to you with her hand on her hip.

{it's not worth it.}
{and at that point it's extra weird that they're still in diapers and sucking on a pacifier.}

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  1. Funny post! I feel the warning...will try to heed it...but alas my 2 and a half year old is no where near interested in Potty training!!! He HAS to be trained by January next year or he can't get in the school I've chosen for him...eeerrrrgggg!@!!!

    I followed your link from signing on to follow me...Thanks for following my blog...