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Monday, December 8, 2008

holiday doctor appointments

today i went to the doctors. my girls had follow-ups for their pneumonia. {you will all be happy to know they have a clean bill of health.} however, half of america was in there and i will tell you this... they do NOT have clean bills of health. in fact, i now know why the economy is failing. nobody is at work. they're all at the doctors.

there was a woman in there with her two boys. the older son was 3 and the younger son was 1. she was tall and blonde and had a butt that screamed "i do lounges for hours everyday"... {and she was proud to show it off in tight yoga pants for all of the office to see} ... i noticed her right off the bat, not for her backside that i envied {man, it would take me twice as many lounges to even come close to that} but because she was one of those "out-spoken, loud" type of waiting room patrons.

i applaud mothers that stick to their guns. i do. but in a jampacked waiting room with 40 other people, i wasn't sure if her actions were appropriate. let me explain...

the 3 year old took a chair away from his 1 year old brother. his mother then told him to give it back or face 3 minutes of time-out. he gave her a blank stare. she counted to 3. LOUDLY. she took him away SCREAMING. she sat him in the chair and walked away. he kicked. he screamed. he bit the leather chair. he licked the leather chair. and he did it all for 3 minutes. three full minutes. she didn't try to be quiet about it. she commandeered the entire waiting room. my girls could do nothing but stare along with the 40 other people in there. forget dora on the flatscreen... you couldn't even hear the t.v., let alone see past the "show" to see the tv.

i didn't know if i should be annoyed at the fact that she couldn't just let it slide for the sake of not making the hectic waiting room even MORE hectic, or if i should applaud her for sticking to her guns and not bending the rules because they weren't at home.

but then it happened again. this time, with the one year old. how can you leave a one year old in timeout at a doctor's office? it was the longest minute of my life. and after that minute i knew the answer to my question.

leave the timeouts at home.
other people have to survive that horrible wait.
don't make it worse for people than it already VISIBLY is.

end of my story.
{oh, and merry christmas!}

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